Established by Paul Hellweg
      to foster greater understanding of the Vietnam War
& its impact on America, Vietnam, the veterans of both sides
& all people involved either directly or indirectly.

Paul Hellweg photo - Featured poet - Site founder - Vietnam War Poetry -   Paul Hellweg
   Site Founder / Founding Poet     <<<

  Paul Hellweg is the author of 11 books
& several hundred other publications -
& magazine articles,
& movie reviews,
  short stories, essays, etc.
  With more than 200 poems published,
      his poetry has received multiple nominations
      for both the Pushcart Prize
& Best of the Net Awards.
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Mick Terry photo - Co-founder - Web designer - Webmaster - Vietnam War Poetry -   Mick Terry
   Co-founder / Web Designer / Webmaster

  Composer-songwriter lyricist Mick Terry,
  formerly a DJ for 18 years,
  has received numerous awards for his music
& lyrics.
  He performs live  (Featured Songwriter
or Poet  x12),
  directed radio shows
& scored film/video/multimedia.
From 2011-2017, his lyrics were published monthly
  in Brier Patch Ramble magazine,
      now monthly in Yucaipa News Mirror & Hidden Valley News newspapers.
      He has designed over
a dozen websites for individuals & organizations.
      His website,
featuring 600+ of his Copyrighted lyrics & music, holds 40+ Web awards.
      His YouTube Channel
  (70+ live performance videos)  has 68,000+ views.
      His page  
will play audio teasers of 30+ of his songs.
      His profile  
has 12,000+ connections.
      His purpose in life is to create
& produce music, lyrics & humor
      that empower, satisfy
& heal millions of people.
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Leilani Squire photo - Former editor - Vietnam War Poetry -   Leilani Squire
   Former Editor

  Leilani Squire was born during the Korean War
  at Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii,
  while her father was deployed
on an aircraft carrier
  off the coast of Okinawa.
  Her poetry
& short shorts have been published in
  The Sun, Eclipse, Gentle Strength Quarterly
& on
      Since 2010, she has facilitated writing workshops for veterans
& has produced Returning Soldiers Speak, an annual event for veterans
      to tell their stories to the community through prose
& poetry.
      She is senior editor of Returning Soldiers Speak:
      An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Soldiers and Veterans,
      published by Bettie Youngs Books.

Joy LeBaron - Former Editor - Vietnam War Poetry -   Joy LeBaron
   Founding Editor

  I live in a small cottage
  in a small village in
  the mountains of California.
  I have a small life with three
  dogs, a few friends, a quilting group,
  a garden, and the wild birds.

      Across the ocean to a golden Spanish cathedral
      with saints' pictures on the wall; stacked one above the other
      inside ornate gothic frames a kinsman came and
      in a ritual almost as old as Christ
      lit a candle for my soul.

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